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Encino Realtor Client Testimonials

Due to an unparalleled commitment to providing outstanding customer service as a Encino Realtor assisting with home sales and property purchases, many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my Los Angeles County real estate services.


Dear Judy & Doug  5/09

It is important to know that when help is needed, all I need to do is contact you and you are always there.  Whether as real estate pros or just friends.  Thanks so much for getting me the information I needed for my mother's estate. It was a comofrt to me to be able to handle this part so easily with your help.


Beverly and Glenn

Dear Judy & Doug       5/09

How do you pick a Real Estate Agent?

You look for professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail, good judgment and hopefully, a personal connection.

When we selected the "Ross Team" to assist us with the sale of our property, we go all of that and more!

Nobody likes surprises on transactions as significant as buying or selling a house, so we were especially appreciative that our sale went so smoothly and quickly.  You explained the process clearly and kept us informed all along the way.  The marketing materials you developed were highly effective.  You anticipated what needed to be done and made sure all of the long lead-time issues got addressed early in the process.  When we needed companies and individuals to perform repairs or servies to fulfill our obigations as the sellers, you provided local contacts who were efficient and cost-effective.  In our sale, you represented both the sellers and the buyers. You and your office manager were very professional in fulfilling this potentially difficult dual role.

In short, we were very satisfied with the service both of you provided.

You are welcome to use this letter in your marketing efforts and may give our phone number to prospective clients who may want to contact us to discuss our experience.

Again, thank you.

Sincerely, Beverly and Glenn


Kelly and Ken

Hi Judy and Doug,  2/09
I'm glad to hear that you're doing well. We could not be happier living here in our wonderful new home. I can only assume that we were definitely suppose to be here and that we are the luckiest family on the planet to have had everything work out the way it did. We thank our lucky stars that we chose you and Doug to represent us as I am almost certain we would not have sold our home otherwise. 

Kelly and Ken


Dear Judy & Doug
You guys are awesone - I can't imagine a more qualified, informed, professional, detail oriented, customer responsive team of Realtors anywhere - thank you for all your efforts - it's our turn to help Lynn see the benefit of living in her new condo.

You're the best, Jimmy


Thank you for all the "hand-holding" and care you gave my Dad in selling his home in Encino. This was a rough one and now it is over!X

Thank you for everything...and I am glad you were the one's we chose.

Fondly, B

Cory & Megan

Dear Judy and Doug,

Thank you so much for the personal touch you add to your services! We met with some agents before finding you, none of whom cared nearly as much about who we were, what we were looking for, and what we could afford to buy.

You came along and not only listened to what we were looking for, but took a general interest in our family and what changes were happening in our lives, in order to help us find the best place that met our growing needs.

We appreciate that you didn't pressure us into buying when the timing just didn't feel right, and we really appreciated that you took the time to go over all the paperwork with us in person, returned our calls and emails promptly when we had questions, and kept us in the loop during each step of the process to make our first home buying experience a smooth one!

We would recommend you without hesitation to anyone looking for a real estate agent.  It was a pleasure getting to know you and your family and introducing you to ours!

Thank you for your help in getting us into the right place!  We are very excited to be calling Sherman Oaks our new home!

Rachel, Cory & Megan


Dear Judy & Doug
Thanks again for making for formal process and steps for putting our home of 30+ years on the market as smooth and uncomplicated as you did this afternoon.

Your efforts as well as your uplifting and enthusiastic spirit were very appriciated indeed by both myself and my wife.

We look forward to very confidently working with your team along the path to selling our home to a hopefully enthusiastic buyer.

Have a very nice weekend and thank so much for being such a help to us in a most challenging time.

Sincerely yours,


Mary & John C.

On February 1, 2007 my wife and I decided to sell our house in Northridge.  We wanted to move to Orange County upon retirement.  We interviewed The Ross Team of Prudential California Realty and told them of our intentions.  Our feeling was that because of the sluggist market, the house would not sell within a reasonable amount of time.

They immediately took charge of the situation.  They did not make promises that they couldn't keep.  Instead they remained confident that we would sell the house relatively quickly.  Once the home was placed in the MLS and it became known that it was for sale, within the same day, two potential buyers looked at the house and within three days both had made offers to buy.  They kept in contact with us as to the progress of the potential buyers and they continued to encourage us to remain patient.  The Ross Team showed their experience and understanding of their profession by continuously preparing us.  Almost daily, we had conversations with them and within four days, the house sold to our satisfaction.  They continued to explain the steps that we would need to go through as the agreement progressed into the escrow process and eventually into the inspection procedure.  The entire process was completed with as little problem as possible.  The Ross Team was the reason why the process went as smoothly as it did.

The Ross Team  was the consummate professionals during our home selling process.  However tedious and stressful it could have been, it turned out just the opposite.  They were caring, professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful throughout the process.  Their encouragement and sensitivity made the home easy to sell.  Their pleaseant personalities and communication skills kept both parties involved and up to date with the entire process.  It was a pleasure to work with The Ross Team.  We would highly recommend them as the listing agents on a property to be sold.

Mary & John C.


Dear Judy & Doug
Thank you for negotiating the early termination of my father's lease and allowing him to comfortably transition into the assisted living residence next month. Your extended professional service and caring attitude is noticed and appreciated. 

You have a fabulous family team that conducts itself in a "5-Star" fashion. Anyone, anywhere that I know heading to your area for a real estate purchase will be directed right to your door.

You are the best!!!



Dear Judy & Doug ...The Ross Team

Again my deepest appreciation for everything you have personally done for me, besides selling my home.  It is noticed and warmly appreciated.

Without you, I would have had many more problems then those that unexpectedly came up, which you efficiently resolved.

I wish you everything you deservedly wish for yourselves, coupled with only good health and a continuing successful, fun life.



C & BC

Good morning!

Thank you so much for a great dinner last night, it was terrific to see you and we were so happy you liked what we have done to the condo. As I keep mentioning, I never thought I would be able to leave our home on Aldea and be happy in a new place...it is wonderful and we thank you both for all your input and help. We've had such a wonderful relationship with you over many years now and we know why you are so successful. You give it your all.

You're the Best!

C & BC


Dear Ross Team

Thank you for your gracious note following our meeting last week.  We are the ones who should have sent you a thank-you note for all the time you spen with us and all the information you provided.

Thank you again for th time and information you shared with us. You can be sure that if  and when we decide to make a change, we will be in touch with you.

Sincerely yours,


Dear Ms King
Manager of Prudential Encino

I am writting this letter to acknowledge the incredible effort, concern and loving care given to me by the Ross Team in selling and buying property.

I have known Judy and Doug for more than seven years.  In that time they have assisted me in selling my large home in Northridge and my relocate to a townhouse in Woodland Hills.  They made a very difficult transition much easier for me by spending time and making sure the new location was exactly what I needed.

When I called Judy last November and told her I needed to move to a one level residence because of a health problem, both she and Doug immediately sprang into action.

I recommended The Ross Team to all my friends who are interested in moving to new places.  No one has been cared for as well as I when searching for a new home. The Ross Team personally took me to Palm Desert several times to help me locate a new home. They found me the perfect home in Sun City.

Congratulations to you for having The Ross Team as part of your office.

Sincerely, B B

A & B

Dear Judy and Doug,

What a fabulous surprise! Thank you so much for the neat bathrobes. We certainly will enjoy using them and will of course tink of you each time we wear them.

Thank you also for your hard work and thoughtfulness. You have been taking care of us like another set of parents and your care and love is deeply appreciated.  This is not easiest of times in our lives.  We have lived in our home for so long and leaving is very difficult. You have made this transition much more acceptable than we had ever dreamed.

Love, A & B


What a team! You're the best communicators we've dealt with in ages. Every step of the process from listing our home to closing the escrow you kept us totally informed. You returned our calls so promptly. Will you please teach our children how you do that! Kidding aside, we really appreciate everything you did for us.

The time you spent with us made us feel we were your only clients. You definitely will have all our future business and will recommend you to all our friends and family. We know we now live far away but please keep in touch. We truly love to hear from you. Oh yes, don't forget to send us one of your calendar at the end of the year. We still have them lined up on our refrigerator from the past 5!

GS & CS, Nevada


Dear Judy and Doug,

I'm tough and very set in my ways and am the first to admit it. I have had my home listed with 3 other agents prior to you. Never before did I let anyone else run the show, prior to you both. You have this way about you that made me instantly trust you.

You listened to what I had to say. Rather then telling me I was wrong, you explained that perhaps I am right, but did you ever consider doing it another way? Treating me with respect made it come right back to you. I wish I would have found you both prior to my other agents. You had more showings and action on my house in the short time you had it, than I had in all the other listings combined. You have definitely made me think different of my opinions of Realtors.

You did everything you promised plus more. You really deserved every penny you made, even more. Therefore, you will get more. If ever I move again I promise to call no other than you both and I promise to refer you to everyone I know.

Thanks again for getting the job done.



Dear Judy and Doug,

Funny how things happen. I expected to be in my house forever. Then my job took me elsewhere. I was an emotional wreck but you put up with me. Thanks for getting me top dollar for my home and making my transition extremely smooth. You're not only great realtors but great shrinks as well. Thanks for the hand holding.


Kathy and Bob

Dear Judy and Doug,

The dust has almost settled on our various moves. We wanted to take this opportunity during the holiday season to let you know how very much we appreciated your help during the year 2000. Finding a buyer for our Encino home of 26 years was important, but that turned out to be a small first step in our successful relocation to a townhome in Woodland Hills. The sale would not have been completed without your constant attention, caring, patience, and professionalism.  Finding, negotiating and closing the deal for our new home was just as important as selling our former home.  To say it couldn't have been done without you is a gross understatement. Thank you for being there for us whenever you were needed.

Best wishes for a great 2001 and many years to come.

- Kathy and Bob


"We just wanted to make you aware of the wonderful job that Judy & Doug Ross have done for us on the sale of our Encino property. It is a unique property and their thorough work and constant attention to detail have proven to be most valuable. This was our tenth real estate transaction in the last ten years. We have delt with many agents both here in Los Angeles and in Seattle and we have yet to deal with anyone with their knowledge and patience. Please do not hesitate to furnish our name and number to any potential clients for Judy & Doug, we'll be happy to let them know that they'll be working with true professionals."

- S. B.


"I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the fine work done by Judy and Doug Ross in handling the sale of my parent's home. Throughout the entire selling process, either Doug or Judy kept in touch with me, either by phone or by e-mail, so that I was always aware of what was going on. And of course I was quite pleased that the home sold so rapidly. If I still lived in the Valley I woulnd't hesitate to use the services of Judy and Doug and, if any of my Valley friends are planning to sell their home, I would certainly recommend the Ross' to them."

- J. B.


"I want to say a few words about my agents, Doug and Judy Ross. First of all, I truly appreciate being able to reach my agents when I need them. If they are not at one of their numbers, my call is returned within an hour, even when they are on vacation! I have never heard the words from either of them "I am sorry I'm late". They are ON TIME always. They sold a house for me before it was listed! Now that's a testimonial in itself! I have been associated with many real estate agents in my line of work and I can emphatically say that Judy and Doug are the most knowledgeable agents I have ever known. They are two sensational people in the top of their class."

- L. M.


"This letter is long overdue. I would like to thank you both for doing a spectacular job in not only finding the perfect house for me and Sumi, but achieving a favorable outcome through your excellent negotiation skills, attention to details and terrific follow-up. As you know, over the years I have bought and sold 16 or 17 houses in Woodland Hills, Northridge, Canoga Park and West Hills as well as the acre and a half estate in Tarzana. Quite frankly, I was somewhat underwhelmed by other real estate agents. You both were willing to take the time, (even on Sunday evenings), and handle the pain-in-the-ass little things that drive me crazy. In addition, I also appreciate you referring me to professionals who have done a great job in enhancing the beauty of the Henshaw house. In the meantime, when I decide to list my other Woodland Hills house, you'll be the first phone call I make."

-S. A. L., President, Esquire, Inc.

L. M. & B. D.

"I hope you had a great time in Hawaii. This is just a quick note to let you know Brad and I found a house in Redondo. It's $425K, 2300sqft, has "my" kitchen and nothing really needs to be done to the place. We made a bid and escrow is now in full progress. Bottom line, I am glad the search is now over and if all goes well we'll be in the house mid November. If things don't go well for any reason, you will once again hear my voice on your phone line mid-March to continue our Tuesday/Friday search. I did want to write to you though and let you know how sad Brad and I are that we aren't doing this escrow process with you. The two of you were so wonderful to work with and we appreciate all your time and valuable opinions. Doug was the "hawk eyes of the valley" and knew what was coming up and going on at all times, being honest with me about what he really thought of every house. I knew that if we found "our" house in the valley, with your personality and easy to understand explanations, we'd have been in safe hands all the way through escrow. You will always remain in our minds as the best real estate agents in LA! And you will be recommended highly. Best regards to a successful year."

-L. M. -B. D.

D & E

On the sale of our home at 4955 Encino Avenue. When all is said and done, 'A Friend in need is a friend indeed'. To one of the best."

-D. & E

Carlton and Cookie

When we started on this journey of selling our wonderful old home of 40 years where we raised our 3 children from grammar school to adult hood, I thought I was fairly knowledgeable about selling Real Estate - since before retiring I was a Real Estate Developer of upscale subdivision homes. I knew the legal paperwork requirements had increased, but good grief, not to the extent that it has. Judy, you were fabulous in handling every phase of it.

How fortunate for us, that as I drove the Encino Estate area, looking to see who the active Brokers were, your signs stood out as being fresh, clean, and erect, (not leaning in a tired fashion) with an E-Mail address for information as well as a phone number.

The fact that you were also a husband and wife team that also lived in the area was extremely important.

As Cookie has so succinctly put it; we have made a good choice turning everything over to you. She sincerely appreciated all the consideration, working day by day through the problems that seemed to pop up. You were always there to lend a helping hand, especially being by herself, since I was away, she felt safe, and knew you were only a phone call away.

Doug always had someone available to fix whatever was needed. It meant so much - knowing that you both were a caring friend, not just an agent.

We will always have loving memorable thoughts of both of you in your professional caring, and selling of our grand old lovable home of 40 years.

You both are truly the VVS1, flawless, clear brilliant cut diamond of the Residential Real Estate Business.

We are more than happy to give anyone our highest recommendation of your integrity and services.

Carlton and Cookie

Thank you, Thank you

 Dear Judy and Doug,   May 1 2014
On behalf of our entire family we wanted to thank you again for your professionalism and hands on availability with the sale of our family home. The sale was so quick and easy for all of us because of all that you did. We appreciate all your efforts on our behalf as you both went way above the "Call of Duty" from removing nails from the walls, changing light bulbs, re-arranging our furniture etc. You guys are really unbelievable!!!
Thank you, thank you
Charlotte, Leslie, Elliot, Bruce, Robin, Keven, Traci, Robert, Jason, Cory, Jaclyn, Brittany, Yael & Sam, Sydney & Justin 

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